I’m a freelance writer and journalist with a dash of entrepreneurial dreams. The topics I write about are varied, ranging from current events and political issues to sexual assault, trauma, PTSD and even boxing and fitness advice. Mostly I love the intricacies of writing and the power of language.

Over the years I’ve written spa menus, copy for websites, advertisements, text for product packaging and more. Recently I’ve discovered an interest in journalism and began writing for independent or “alternative” news websites. I tend to write about current events and politics but I feel confident writing about almost any subject matter.

Prior to writing I started a couple of “green” businesses in the health and wellness industries. I also spent a year and a half as a certified sexual assault advocate with Peace Over Violence in Los Angeles. That training plus my experiences as a sexual assault survivor gives me a particular expertise in the areas of trauma, PTSD, and interpersonal violence/sexual assault.

When not writing about government corruption, environmental issues and the like I can be found teaching boxing to patients with Parkinson’s Disease, PTSD and other conditions. I’ve boxed for ten plus years, so if you want an article about a great left hook, I can do that too.

If you’re looking for a writer contact me through my contact page or send me an email at Lauren@CitizenTruth.org.



P.S. Check out my own independent news website, CitizenTruth.org, for more of my work.